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How it Works

How it works

RemindThis is easy and convenient to implement and already benefits many websites and surfers on the web.

So how does it work?

RemindThis’s activity splits into two:
The website’s side.
The surfer’s side.

On the website’s side -
The website owner must sign up to RemindThis. After a very short registration including basic details only:
Full name
Desired nickname
An e-mail containing an activation link will be received by the website owner.

Clicking that link will forward the website owner to his personal account on RemindThis where he will be requested to complete his details and finalize the stage of account settings. This procedure takes less than a single minute.

The activation and account details’ process has completed and now all that remains is to generate a RemindThis button.
Generating a button includes feeding data and choosing a number of possibilities:
The website address (URL)
Button location – inside the page, floating on the right, floating on the left, in the bottom right corner.
Button design – choosing from the buttons’ settings and colors related to the chosen location.

Right after you finish creating the button, you will be presented with the code which needs to be copied and pasted into your website between the <body> </body> tags.

Now the RemindThis button appears in your website and visitors can enjoy the service.

How do your website’s visitors enjoy the service? The explanation is related to:

The Visitor’s side –
Many visitors reach your website; browsing the different pages, reading, getting an impression and usually switch over to the next one, whether if it’s in the same field or in another. Not once is the visitor interested in coming back to your website the next morning, adjacently to his\hers partner’s birthday, before pension, etc.
Adding the website to the favorites list will index the site among tens if not hundreds of websites that already exist in the browser’s favorites list and it will simply be devoured and disappear among the rest.
RemindThis gives the perfect solution for it!
Clicking the RemindThis button in the website operating the service will present the visitor with a small window in which he will be asked to feed his e-mail address, date of receiving reminders and a click for finishing.

For the first time he will register to the service, an activation message will be sent and afterwards, the visitor can add countless timed reminders from any website operating RemindThis with no need for signing up.

Does a visitor really need a reminder to visit my website on another date? Why?

There are countless examples for cases in which a visitor wishes to visit the website in another time and will be happy to be reminded about it via e-mail. Here are 3 common cases:

1. A visitor reaches a website offering a certain service late at night or during the weekend. The visitor is interested in speaking to the company’s representative by the phone to get further clarifications and join the service, but the service department only works business days between 08:00-17:00. Clicking RemindThis and setting a reminder for the next day or business day will allow the client to receive an e-mail with a reminder to visit the website. From that moment the road for telephonically communicating and advancing the deal is up to the company behind the website’s costumer service.

2. A visitor reached your website or virtual shop and found a “hot” item fitting exactly for his\her partner. He\she is willing to purchase the product for the partner’s coming birthday, but it starts only in several months. Using the RemindThis button will send the visitor a reminder about the website according to the set date – about two weeks before the partner’s birthday. The road for another happy client from here is already a very short one.

3. Let’s assume that your website deals with pensionary consult. The visitor is nearing a retirement age and has started to be interested in the field. He read and was impressed and would like to contact you in a date closer to the retirement, let’s say six months from now. Clicking the RemindThis button will allow the visitor to set a reminder for a revisiting of the website half a year from now. This visitor will get service from the website even before formal communication started between you two. Isn’t this great?!

You can add a RemindThis button to any website. The website visitors will click the button, ask for a timed reminder, receive a fitting message when the time comes and traffic to the website grows. A wonderful, simple, efficient and free-of-charge service!